Throne & Worship, 2

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If you’ve watched any of the World Cup, you have probably noticed the nearly constant din of the crowd. You can hear talking and cheering as expected, but what is even more notable is the almost constant chanting. The chants and songs continue throughout the match as the crowds look to motivate or praise their teams. The throne room of God is similar, for heaven is a place of constant praise and worship. When John received his vision of heaven, he heard the constant din of the four living creatures that never stop speaking of God’s holiness, might, and eternality. Later, he notes as well the participation of the twenty-four elders in the worship. They worship not only with their song but also with their actions. They cast their crowns before the throne while singing that God is worthy to receive glory and honor and power because of His purpose and will in creating. We tend to reserve our worship for Sundays. We assume that if we aren’t in the sanctuary or with God’s people we can’t worship. However, if we are to set our minds on things above as Paul encourages in Colossians 3, then it seems that our lives can be a constant act of worship, just like in heaven. Paul alludes to this in Romans 12 as well, when he encourages us to respond to God’s mercy by giving our lives as a living sacrifice as an act of worship. It is our privilege as children of God to be able to join the continuous worship of heaven. May the chants and songs that mark our days be to the praise of God’s glorious grace. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Reformation Heroes: Argula von Grumbach // Membership Information Seminar

10AM: Pastor Nate–Throne & Worship, 2–Revelation 4:1-11 (sermon notes

11:45AM: Potluck

12:30PM: Members’ Meeting 

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