Who God Is

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Humility is a complicated virtue. Many of us see the value in it, especially when we read that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. However, we find it to be a difficult virtue to quantify in our lives. This often leads to a false humility in which we put ourselves down, deny our God-given abilities, and reject any compliment directed toward us. I will often do this because I am acutely aware of my pride and desire to be humble. But humility is more than just putting ourselves down; it’s much more about comparing ourselves to God. Pastor Dan Phillips says it this way, “Humility does not arise from thinking less of myself than I ought, but from thinking as much of God as I ought. It is not a case of a six-foot-tall man trying to convince himself that he’s only two feet tall. It is a case of a six-foot-tall man standing next to an enormous, towering redwood, and seeing himself dwarfed by it; or gazing at the vast array of the stars twinkling in the desert sky and gasping that the unimaginable immensity of it all.” In other words in order to be humble we need to see God in all of His unfathomable glory. The more we confront ourselves with the reality of who God is, the more God’s infinitude the more it will work to humble us. To that end, we pray along with Moses, “Show me Your glory,” as we fall on our faces in humble worship. —Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Dr. Brett Williams–The God Who Is Worthy of Worship

10AM: Dr. Brett Williams–The God Who Is Our Sovereign Savior–Isaiah 45 

6PM: Dr. Brett Williams–The God Who Is Triune

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