Finding Fulfillment in the Mission

Often, the thing that gives our work fulfillment and satisfaction is the end result of that work. If people work on an assembly line, they’ll find satisfaction in the product that comes out the other end. If people work in a restaurant, the fulfillment of producing a delicious plate of food for the customer is the goal. Builders are satisfied by a finished building. Police officers are fulfilled in a city with reduced crime. Cleaners find satisfaction in a clean room, etc. However, ministry is a bit different. What gives fulfillment and satisfaction to ministry is the mission itself. Paul recognized that when he said to the Thessalonians that they were his hope and joy and crown of exultation (1 Thess 2:19). Paul found his satisfaction in them growing to look more and more like Jesus, but he also recognized that no human is ever a finished product in this life. He would have to wait until the coming of Jesus to see the product finished. Still, his joy wasn’t in the finished product but in the slow and steady growth of the believer in response to their faith. This can make ministry hard. Sometimes we invest in people who take big steps backward and only small steps forward. At other times we can see quick growth for a season before a season of stagnation can set in. Still other times in ministry we feel like we see little growth at all, and all of these can be true even in ourselves. But success is not found in the finished product. In another place, Paul identified himself as a servant of Christ and steward of God’s mysteries. He goes on to say that it is required of such a steward that they be found faithful or trustworthy. Faithfulness and trustworthiness don’t ensure a finished product; they merely ensure consistency in the work. It is good for us not to lose sight of this goal. Focusing on finished products can be discouraging because we don’t always get to see them. However, focusing on faithfulness and finding joy in the process is joy enough, for we are serving the Lord Christ and proclaiming His truth. Let us keep on to this end and find fulfillment in the mission itself for God’s glory. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Edward Mwanisa

10AM: Edward Mwanisa–Finding Fulfillment in the Mission–1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5

6PM: Missions Emphasis Night at the Schaeffers’

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