Beast & Persecution, 2

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In a world where the tangible and the visual influence so many of our experiences, it’s no wonder why our hope in God tends to falter. His power and promises are overshadowed by what we see and feel as a result of living in a fallen world and with a sinful nature. All too often we observe the rise of injustice, the suffering of the innocent, empowered corruption, and the rapid increase of death and destruction. Is the power of God as mighty as we are told? Will the promises of God truly come to pass? These questions are frequently asked in one form or another. In Revelation 13, we read about the universal acceptance of the anti-christ as a result of what the world experiences. Consider what it will take for the entire global population to unify behind one individual. Such allegiance is driven by the power they observe and the promises they are told. The Beast performs miraculous feats (commands fire from heaven, recovers from a fatal wound) and subsequently demands the will and the worship of all people (v12-16). Though restrained now, we can observe Satan attempting to marshal his rebellion against God in various ways in the world today and, at times, seemingly succeeding. Do you find your view of God and your confidence in Him diminishing as you experience the fallenness of this life? In Psalm 97, the psalmist proclaims the reign of the Lord over all the earth. Fire goes before Him, His lightning lights up the world, the mountains melt like wax and the heavens proclaim His righteousness as all people marvel at His glory (v1-6). The psalmist concludes that the Lordship of God is far above all other gods. There is truly no comparison. Therefore, “Rejoice in the Lord O you righteous, and give thanks to His holy name” (Ps 97:12). We must not allow what we see and feel to ultimately influence the way we think about God. The lies of Satan do not merely come in the form of false teaching but through many visual and tangible avenues. Inform your mind and encourage your heart with what you know to be true about God rather than doubting His just character or sovereign existence by what you currently experience. –Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: 1 John 1:1-10–Walking in the Light, part 1

10AM: Pastor Rory–Beast & Persecution, 2–Revelation 13:1-18 (sermon notes)

6PM: Evening Gathering–The Prince Who Is to Come–Daniel 9:24-27

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