A Joyful Song

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Music is a powerful medium of communication. The power lies in the compelling language, the memorable words, and the melodic sound. And although we have no sound to the music of Scripture, we still find the Bible’s songs powerful in their own right. Songs in Scripture articulate memorable and life-changing truths about God and His work. Judges 5 is an example of this. The song of Deborah and Barak stands out in Judges as the only song in the book. It provides a picture not only of God but of the culture from which it came. The fact that Deborah and Barak sang is a reminder that God’s people sing even when times are dark. The period of the judges is often compared to the Dark Ages because of the sin of God’s people. But this song is a reminder that genuine believers still sing in a sinful culture. This is because believers find hope in God in spite of the darkness. In fact, we sing to spite the darkness. This is an important effect that Deborah and Barak’s song has in the middle of Israel’s darkness. But it also teaches us about God and His work, specifically in the battle with the Canaanites. As Barak and Deborah sing we learn more about God’s rout of Sisera. The song praises God for His powerful work, but also the people whom God used to win the victory. God is a warrior who defeats His enemies with ease while the heavens and earth tremble. The people God uses receive a blessing in the song as evidence that God blessed them in using them. Like Deborah and Barak, we should sing, to spite the darkness around us and to teach about the powerful work of God. Then our song will be a testimony to the world around us of the hope we’ve found in Christ. So, sing! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Missions Emphasis–Josiah and Ever Gilbert–Ministry Presentation

10AM: Pastor Rory–A Passive Leader–Judges 4:1-14 (sermon notes)

6PM: Missions Emphasis–Josiah and Ever Gilbert–Ministry Presentation

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