Forgiven in Christ

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Parenting a three-year-old lends itself to frequent conversations about sin, repentance and forgiveness. I think it’s safe to assume that the latter concept receives the least amount attention in the majority of parent-child relationships. We are quick to deal with sin because of the immediate external and internal impact it has, which results in negative consequences for corrective purposes. Of course, a response of repentance is always the goal for any parent to witness. But the concept of forgiveness can often take a back seat during the conversation, or perhaps even be relegated to the trunk, so to speak. We see the sin and we correct the sin. If restoration takes place, it has the tendency to be rushed for the sake of moving on and getting back to whatever we were doing prior to the inconvenient disruption. However, forgiveness is critically important to get right. Without a proper understanding of forgiveness, true unity and the joy of restored relations cannot be achieved. Forgiveness is not merely letting someone “off the hook” or casually pretending like nothing ever happened; it is far more profound. In our text this week, Paul reveals that we receive forgiveness of sins in Christ by means of His blood (Eph 1:7). The point is, it was a costly payment that was not taken lightly. You see, without the atoning work of Christ, forgiveness would be impossible. And without forgiveness the uniting of all things would not be a future reality (1:10). Forgiveness restores relations with the party of offense by extending fellowship with the intent of dissolving the justified anger despite the wrong that was committed. This is what God did with us when Christ was made our propitiation and took our place on the cross. Our forgiving God is the most precious reality in the universe. Therefore, treasure the forgiveness you have in Christ. And may it cause you to love and treasure the God who forgives. Do not take it for granted, but readily exemplify it in the relationships around you. -Pastor Nate Wagner

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