Built-up in Christ

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Scripture uses a few different metaphors for the church comparing it with a body, a household, a building, a field, and a flock among others. Each of these metaphors informs our understanding of the church in some way. But sometimes the Scriptures mix these metaphors like Ephesians 2:19-22. Paul compares us, the church, to a household and a building. As a household, we aren’t strangers to God, but fellow citizens of God’s kingdom with all the saints. As a building, we are built on the foundational teaching of the apostles and prophets with each stone fit together just like in Solomon’s temple. But what ties these two interesting metaphors together is the idea of dwelling with God. Because believers are in God’s household, we share a certain unity with Him that unbelievers do not. We “live” with Him, as it were. This idea is emphasized in John 15:1-11 and 1 John 2:1-6 which emphasize the need for us to abide with/remain in/live with Christ. Additionally, because we are God’s temple, we are God’s dwelling place in the Spirit. In the Old Testament, God’s glory rested on the tabernacle and the temple, specifically on the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant. The temple was called God’s house, His dwelling (Ps 122; 1 Kings 8:13). Now the place where His glory dwells is in His people, the church. This is significant, because it reminds us of the closeness of our relationship with God. These metaphors for our relationship with God paint a picture of our relationship as warm and close. We must cherish this and nurture its growth. Of course, God doesn’t need a dwelling place or a household, but He is a merciful God who loves His creation, and He’s shown that kindness to us by putting us in His household and making us His dwelling. Praise God for the blessing of being His people and our relationship with Him! – Pastor Rory

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