Mature in Christ, 2

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Every day we are inundated with information. Regardless if it comes from social media, news outlets, commercials, articles, books, lectures, personal conversations, etc., how we filter the constant stream of data in a discernible manner is more significant than we might realize. You see, information that we encounter, whether consciously or subconsciously, is confronted by our own individual worldview for better or for worse. In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul is concerned that the new believers in Ephesus recognize the folly and falsehood that was being promulgated at that time. Much like today, false teaching was alive and well. The only way to ensure Christians did not fall prey to the misinformation was to provide the right information—God’s revelation. Now, this may seem like a “duh” to you, but it underscores the massive importance Scripture has in our lives. Paul sees how critical it is for the believer to be growing up in the faith—to look like Jesus. At the heart of spiritual maturity is not only the ability to recognize blatant false teaching, but to make wise judgments and decisions while navigating the gray areas of life. Paul calls these gray areas, “human cunning, craftiness and deceitful schemes” (4:14). Paul’s concern is not unwarranted. We see more clearly now than ever how the Christian church at large is being swept away “by every wind of doctrine” and the popular trends that diminish the sufficiency of Scripture and the prominence of the gospel. Allowing God’s Word to shape our worldview is accomplished when we pursue the unity of the faith and the knowledge and fullness of Christ (4:13). Only then can we begin to rightly discern the information that we encounter on a daily basis. May God help us to be all the more rooted and grounded in the truth of His Word as we strive for spiritual maturity and the building up of His church.  –Pastor Nate

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