Light in Christ, 1

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As much as we want to avoid legalism in our faith, it is hard to ignore the numerous commands of Scripture. The Scriptures clearly imply that certain lifestyles are contrary to the Christian life; thus, these lifestyles must be avoided. But the Scripture doesn’t only tell us what should be avoided; it always offers an alternative. In Ephesians 5, for example, Paul gives a couple of do nots: Let no one deceive you, and don’t be partakers with them. But he counters that with a do: Walk as children of light. Christianity often takes a negative hit in our culture when we focus on what people shouldn’t do, and rightly so. If our only message to the world is negative, they will surely have a negative attitude toward us and our faith. But our message isn’t only negative, and it isn’t only about what people shouldn’t do; our message is the gospel that gives people the ultimate do and works in us to hate what we shouldn’t do. When we emphasize the do nots of Scripture to unbelievers, we are getting the cart before the horse. We can wrongly think that our primary objective is to change society, but that isn’t what God called us to do. We are called to make disciples. Yes, making disciples will change our society, but it starts with a heart change that focuses on a do: believing the gospel. It is only by the grace of the gospel message that someone’s mind and heart will be transformed to the point where they can say no to the world and yes to God. Let’s walk as children of light so that we can point others to the power that transforms us so they can be transformed too. -Pastor Rory

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