Glory in Christ

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Expectations can often be problematic if they are unrealistic or poorly communicated. As humans, we are always operating under certain expectations. When I turn on the ignition to my car, I expect the engine to start up. This would be reasonable based upon certain conditions I know to be true—I experienced no mechanical issues the day prior, there is fuel in my tank, the dashboard indicates a charged battery, etc. There are other instances where our expectations may seem reasonable, and yet we impose these exceptions on others based upon assumptions, generating all sorts of relational frustrations. This is often experienced in the work place, the home, the church or within the context of marriage. As Christians, our exceptions of God’s will and divine work should never cause  vexation or disappointment. God’s intervention and orchestration of life events is perfectly reasonable since He always works in keeping with His nature. God has also communicated to us through His Word what we should expect of Him. Paul reveals to us in Ephesians 3:20-21 that “God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think…” We can rest assured that God is working something amazing in us, filling us with His fullness and making us like His beloved Son. God can and will fulfill these expectations because of His divine power at work within us and for the sake of His own glory. Let us recalibrate our expectations of God so that they are aligned with what we know to be true from His Word. And may all that we ask or think be to the praise of God’s glory.  –Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

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