sermon: “A Day of Messianic Perfection | Friday” from Doug Bookman

Doug Bookman - February 27, 2022

A Day of Messianic Perfection | Friday

Dr. Doug Bookman explains from Scripture why he thinks that Pontius Pilate was not a weak compromiser, but a man of strong convictions who became a believer through the events of Good Friday. Pilate was not the reason Jesus went to the cross as much as it was Israel's rebellion and refusal to accept Jesus as the Christ.

from series: "2022 Bible Conference: The Passion Week"

The Passion Week of Jesus, the pivot point on which all of human history turns, is at once the most awful and the most blessed week in all of human history. Our 2022 Bible Conference featured Dr. Doug Bookman explaining in great detail a harmonization of the gospel accounts of the passion week.

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