sermon: “Priorities of Sending Churches” from Patrick Odle

Patrick Odle - October 29, 2023

Priorities of Sending Churches

2023 Missions Conference: Jerusalem and Beyond

If we are going to have a proper missions emphasis in our church, we need to have our priorities in the right place. Dr. Patrick Odle from Baptist Mid-Missions explains what the top priorities will be of a church that will send missionaries. Various Scriptures

from series: "2023 Missions Conference: Jerusalem and Beyond"

In Acts 26, Paul appeared before King Agrippa to defend himself. In his defense, Paul referenced the call of Jesus on his life. Jesus told him explicitly that he would take the gospel to the Gentiles. So, Paul obeyed the vision. He began in Jerusalem and from there took the gospel to the Gentiles around the Roman Empire. Our 2023 missions conference emphasized that God has called us to do the same today.

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