sermon: “The Messiah’s Authoritative Delegation, 2” from Rory Martin

Rory Martin - January 5, 2020

The Messiah's Authoritative Delegation, 2

Matthew: Promised Messiah

Jesus gracious delegates His authority to those who will follow Him as disciples. He did it during His earthly ministry with those closest to Him, and He does it yet today, but what does it look like to be the right sort of delegate? This second installment from Matthew 10 will finish answering that question.

Scripture references: Matthew 10:1-42, Matthew 9:32-38

from series: "Matthew: Promised Messiah"

Matthew presents Jesus as the promised Messiah to fulfill the promises God made to the Jews. In this series we see the relevance of God's fulfillment of prophecy and Jesus as the Messiah for our lives today.

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