Mature in Christ, 2

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Every day we are inundated with information. Regardless if it comes from social media, news outlets, commercials, articles, books, lectures, personal conversations, etc., how we filter the constant stream of data in a discernible manner is more significant than we … Read More

Mature in Christ, 1

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We often refer to the job of vocational pastors as the ministry, but Paul uses the term ministry differently. According to Paul, ministry is not something that only pastors do; it’s something we all do. Certainly, pastors and teachers do … Read More

Gifted in Christ

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Jesus taught that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” No doubt, many of us have grown up hearing this proverbial saying from a young age. As an adolescent, it is difficult to understand and appreciate the wisdom … Read More

One in Christ

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Unity is certainly hard to find in our culture. We talk about unity and tolerance, but, in reality, we see hardly any of either. Part of the problem is that when most people talk about unity, they actually mean uniformity. The difference … Read More

Glory in Christ

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Expectations can often be problematic if they are unrealistic or poorly communicated. As humans, we are always operating under certain expectations. When I turn on the ignition to my car, I expect the engine to start up. This would be … Read More

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