Throne & Worship, 1

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Perspective is everything. How we process information is filtered through a perspective that is developed from experience and knowledge. In Revelation 4 the apostle John receives a vision of the throne room of God that undoubtedly enhances his perspective of … Read More

Opportunity & Preservation

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We can often confuse perseverance with self-dependence. Consider how you typically address problems in your life. The other day I went about diagnosing a mechanical malfunction in my car. I relied on personal experience, careful observation, and my troubleshooting process to determine … Read More

Remnant & Virtue

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Self-delusion is one of the saddest states in which we can find ourselves. It is a product of ignorance that we allow such inconsistencies while we convince ourselves that we are consistent. This was the reality in Sardis. The church … Read More

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