What about the kids?

We love children and families at Liberty, and we have multiple programs that feature age-appropriate teaching. We use AWANA on Wednesday evenings to teach and model intentional discipleship. We have Sunday school for 3-5 years old, 6-9 years old, and … Read More

Why is there an offering?

The offering is a part of our worship services, because we believe our giving is an essential part of our worship. We believe that worship is a declaration that God is worthy of our praise, obedience, and dependance. One of … Read More

What should I wear?

We believe in the priesthood of the believer and individual Christian responsibility, so we don’t make rules about what people wear during worship services. You’ll see all kinds of differences in how we dress at our services from suits and … Read More

What do typical services include?

Our typical order of service includes two Scripture readings, five hymns and psalms, prayers of confession and petition, occasional ministry of music, an offering, and a 30-40 minute sermon. Once each month (usually on the first Sunday) we observe communion … Read More

What is a worship service like?

Our worship is conservative, which means that we seek to conserve the best of what the church has practiced through the centuries. We follow a traditional reformed liturgy in our services, and our we sing what we believe are the … Read More

Where do I enter?

When you first arrive at Liberty, things can be a bit confusing. Our church is built on a hill, and we have an entrance at the top of the hill and the bottom, but on Sundays we primarily use the … Read More